Terms and Conditions

1.    General


The organizer of 2A Continental Architectural Awards is 2A Magazine. By completing and submitting the online entry form, the applicant will fully and unreservedly agree to all of the terms and conditions of 2ACAA. If you do not agree with any of the terms or conditions, then you should not take part in 2ACAA.

Once you have created an account, we reserve the right to send you further correspondence regarding our awards program.


2.    Eligibility

• 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA 2020] is a one-stage entry.
• The Entry is open to all professional entrants, i.e., Individual architects, urban designers, urban planners, landscape architects, multi-professional teams and Architectural firms and offices.
• Other associated bodies, e.g., clients, developers, contractors, may also enter on behalf of the architect, with their consent.
• Join projects between universities and industry are eligible to participate in the competition.
• The first stage Entries include two Sheets, introducing the project, in A2 size (Maximum 10 MB Each File of the Panel).
• The candidate projects of The First Stage Entry will be notified by email as well as will be announced in the 2A magazine website.
• All projects should have been completed on or after 01 January 2010. For Future Projects/Innovative Design category entries, the design dates should not be older than 2010.
• The Future project category covers all eligible entries, regardless of the project program and subject.
• All Projects should have been built /located in countries of Asia in 2A Asia Architecture Award and also the same rule for other continents.
• Participants can submit multiple projects under one website account, and there is no limit on the number of submitted projects.
• Each project can be applied only to a single category of the Award. In other words, one project cannot be submitted under two different categories.
• Winner projects of the previous 2ACAA are not eligible to participate in the 2ACAA 2020.

Note 1: If you have any problem submitting your project to our website please contact us at: info@2aincorp.com

Note 2: Following is the fee structure for submitting entries for 2ACAA 2020. The fee is discounted so that a single participant can submit more and more projects.

  • 1 project : € 95
  • 2 projects : €159
  • 3 projects : €235

3. 2A Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA 2020]

2A Magazine is pleased to announce 2ACAA 2020, with the theme “Innovative Contextual Architecture in the Continents”. Accordingly, the Award is for the recognition of an individual’s or group’s substantial contribution to today’s architecture in terms of contemporary challenges of the field and region and the projects that can have a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture. This gathering is a profile of the diversity of cultures, identities, themes, ideas, and experiences in architecture and a platform to share, explore and discuss in a professional environment.
The program includes:
• The Award Ceremony- Online
• The exhibition of the candidate projects- Online
• The Interaction Forum- Online

4. Candidate Project

1) The projects that pass the first stage of scrutiny are regarded as  “Candidate Project.”

Note 1: The fist stage judgment will be done by a representative of the jury board and organizing committee.

Note 2: The project submission has to be done from July 25th to September 25th, 2020.

Note 3: The consideration of the first step to select the qualified projects will be done by the organizing committee.

2) The message of qualification of the candidate projects will be sent to participants [via email].

3) The list of candidate projects of 2ACAA 2020 will be declared at the website.

4) All the candidate projects will be published in a special edition of 2A Magazine.

5) All the candidate projects will receive a qualification email, representing that their project has been nominated for the final stage of judgment.

6) All the candidats’ projects will be shown in an independent video clip on the online announcement day of November 10th.

7) The professional comments from the side of jury members will also be shown at the same date of the day.


– First Stage of consideration: After the Entry Deadline, representation of the award organization award database and will rate the projects based on the judging criteria. The qualified projects will be chosen.
– Second Stage of Judgment will be done by jury members online.

Copyright Policy

By submitting your projects to the award website [www.2aincorp.com] you will give us (2A Magazine) the permission to publish and share your project in our  website and display in the award ceremony, on the other hand, All the information  at the projects submitted to 2ACAA have been provided by the competitors  (Designer and Director) and they are the copyright holder in this regard.

If there is any miscount, mistake or lack of credits regarding the project team and designers, 2A Magazine has NO obligation and the issue concerns the participants directly.

Note : All the information submitted to the magazine has been provided by the competitors- participants or architect [designer], hence, the responsibility of the third party liability lies with the competitors.

Note : In case of any remittance related issues drop mail on info@2aincorp.com

The newsletter and emails in regards to 2A Magazine will also be sent to you.

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