Third Place – Public

Architect: Felix Holland – Studio FH Architects Ltd.

Project: Ross Langdon Health Education Center (Rakai, Uganda)

The Australian Architect Ross Langdon was a friend and collaborator of Studio FH. In 2013, he tragically died during the Westgate attacks in Kenya. He left behind a number of inspiring architectural designs some of which we have since been trying to realise in his spirit and memory. One of them is a health education centre in Mannya/Rakai, funded by the Cotton On Foundation. The building carries Ross’s name.

It is a small community centre for 150 people, with raked seating and a small speaker’s platform. There is also a private meeting room and a store. The main assembly hall has no windows with all daylight provided by a roof light, intricately perforated brick screens and the so-called ‘Litres of Light’, plastic bottles penetrating the roof and filled with water and bleach, thereby acting as ‘light bulbs’ during the day.

The main structural material are Eucalyptus poles which are interconnected by exposed claybrick walls. The roof is clad with reflective zinc-al roofsheets and the open ceiling is made of purpose-made ‘mukeka’ reed mats.

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