Interaction Forum of 2ACAA 2019

2ACAA Interaction Forum: Expanding sense of Architectural Possibilities

Architecture is one of the most intricately discussed of all artistic practices A particular architectural instant takes into account of creative, technical, financial, social, political as well as communal issues of production  be an expression of the time

Every admirer of architectural debate, is  mindful of the architecture’s social, innovative and environmental role.  In the present times  architectural innovation  is an environmental concern encompassing geographies of  local and global communities .  It is an unending process and there is never enough of it.

2ACAA Interaction Forum: Creating wakefulness for innovative architecture

At the moment, design and architecture professionals are confronting challenges on various fronts. They need to keep in step with rapid technological advancements in design, architecture and construction processes, and also propose how their design impacts the future. This would mean contemporary architects need to enthusiastically innovate through design research, and raise the bar in construction performance and incorporating various exigensies of  in their practice go beyond creation of spatial experience to creating systems.

The question now is where this space for integrated innovation in current architectural practices is and how are architects in differing geographies applying the innovations?

In 2ACAA Interaction Forum we strive  make people conscious of architectural practices of various typologies from different countries by  showcasing their innovative, social, environmental and political impacting their community and context.

At 2ACAA Interaction Forum, Innovative architecture is a crucial part of the topic of the architectural discussion We believe that innovation is the most critical concern in present day architectural planning and design. Innovative architecture is a significant constituent in the Interaction forum’s model of thinking that strives to meet the same general goal of smarter structural development.


2ACAA Interaction Forum: Expanding the prospects of architectural dialogue

With the 2ACAA Interaction Forum, the 2A Magazine hopes to boost the overall thinking while developing advanced architectural thinking globally.

This event provides the architects an opportunity to make use of their fundamental ways of thinking and expand their sensibilities. Through the interaction during the forum, they can develop new and unusual narratives of the  possible. We want prospective Architects to focus on modern architecture as empowerment. We believe that architecture is no longer an affair of form, but instead a matter of what the projects make possible.

Another primary focus of this event is amalgamation of architecture and cultural history. Architecture tells more than a few stories it serves an essential purpose while representing  culture, ethnicity and expressing the dynamics of its societal, economic, as well as political fortunes. This architecture communicates through  form-making, scale, or context.

How to participate in the 2ACAA Interaction Forum event?

We are all ears to hear the pearls of wisdom from you. Just drop us an email in regards to the topic and abstract [with Max 200 words] of your architectural as well as urbanism research. More often than not, it is a good practice to keep your emails short and to the point. You can register from May 1st to July 20th without any hassles. And we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.

All in all, we’ll pick ten remarkable Professional ideas and would invite you to present the concept at the event where our panel of adjudicators would evaluate your words. And guess what? The winners will be given Certificates, Appreciation and Acknowledgment Letters together with admiration. Moreover, an excellent opportunity of getting the abstracts of your lectures published in the 2A Magazine and website along with your Introduction awaits you.

Hurry up! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

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