Importance of Innovation in the Architecture Arena

For a progressive Architectural practice, innovation is integral to the designs, methods, and technologies of architecture. In the Architecture Arena innovation means the utilization of high-tech products, advanced methodologies and new information to offer economic and novel architecture solutions that embody impeccable strategy and excellent visional foresight.

Innovation in architecture facilitates sustainable, economic and social developments in larger contexts. Innovation in the architectural world is not just about improving the living quality; it is also about creatively exhibiting the cultural identities and customs and catering to social needs, and economic needs of different countries and continents.  Innovation in architecture is not just about global modernization but also about unique distinctions.

At the pivotal of the architecture world should be sustainable innovation that can be accomplished through a managed process that strives to persistently resolve business issues, designs new products, and services and creates new business models that adequately address the unfulfilled customer requirements and are highly relevant to an organization’s specific and broad business objectives. Innovation must be a systematic and repeated process.

The future world of architecture can only be constructively be made through the adequate reflection of the past and immaculate assessment of the need of the future. Hence it is important to study history of architecture, the impact of culture, customs, and traditions on architecture; it is also important to acquire a sound knowledge of the sustainable methods and advanced architectural technologies in order to deploy innovation in urban architectural planning.

Innovation is a significant parameter in today’s Architectural Arena because it is the core creative capital of the industry. Innovation is at the core of an intelligent organization’s functionality. Innovation is the key to offering contemporary architectural solutions that society needs. Only innovation can help design solutions that are holistic in nature.  Innovation is the key to previously unimagined architectural possibilities. Architecture has been a role that has continuously evolved. However, no evolution is possible without innovation. Innovation is required to build economic, architectural solutions that drive economic flow go beyond just aesthetics and fulfills business objectives. Innovation is needed to craft stronger communities that have healthier neighborhoods and businesses. Innovation in architecture enhances the quality of life and environment. There is a very valid dialectical relationship between architecture and innovation.

 The 2A Continental Architectural Awards organized by the 2A magazine is an effort towards promoting innovation in the world of architecture through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, cultural treasures, sustainable methodologies and technological advancements globally. It supports prudent architectural problem solving through innovation. One of the significant criteria for judging at the 2A Continental Architectural Awards is also innovative utilization of material.

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