Few points about the award

There are few points that needs to mention in order to clarify the existing misunderstanding and disputes.

– We have different jury members, with the different viewpoints and professional background.
Hence, their decision making process maybe different from the jury members of the previous years.

– The quality and nature of the projects of each year maybe different from the previous years, there number of qualified projects as winners maybe different.

– we can not expect to have three winners in each and every categories, some categories may have multiple winners and some categories may have none.

– Sometimes the jury members decide to eliminate a subcategory all together due to lack of quality or absence of enough participants. And since the jury members and judgment process is completely different and organizer should not enterfere in anyway.

– Sometimes the judges ( jury members) decide to remove a project from a certain category and place it into another category, and the organizer can’t interfere .

– All the projects were put on display as promised at the University during the award ceremony.
However, If any of participants has any questions or needs more information about his/her project, is welcomed to contact us directly via email (pr@2aincorp.com) and we would be happy to provide all the necessary support and answer all their questions.

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