Frequently asked questions

A. Eligibility

A-1: Who can enter?

• Individual architects, multi-professional teams, urban designers, urban planners, landscape architects.

• Other associated bodies, e.g., clients, developers, contractors, may also enter on behalf of the architect, with their consent.

A-2: What projects can be entered?

• For Completed Projects: All types of Buildings; Urban, Rural and landscape projects; Renovations and Interior designs, completed on or after 1st January 2010 and located in Asia and Europe.
• For Future Projects/Innovative Designs: Unbuilt; Design only projects and Entries of Regional / International Awards, with any program and subject, which represent an innovative design, having addressed, challenged or responded to an architectural-related issue (physical, ecological, sociocultural, contextual, technical and…). The design dates should not be older than 2010 and the site of the project should be in Asia and Europe.
• There is no limit on the number of buildings/projects that can be submitted.

• Buildings/projects can be submitted only in one category.
• To be recognized as an eligible candidate, projects should be submitted under relevant categories.

B. Entry Conditions and Requirements

B-1: When is the entry deadline?

2A Asia – Oceania & Europe Architecture Award:  The entry opens at June 1st 2019 and closes at July 1th, 2019, 4:00 pm CET.
2A Africa, South – central & North America Architecture Award:  The entry opens at June 1th 2019 and closes at July 15th, 2019, 4:00 pm CET.

B-2: How to start the entry?

• Your entry starts with creating a website account.
• To Submit your project, login to your account. Once logged in, you will be referred to your Submission
Dashboard where you can submit your entries.

• Having completed the submission, a code will be assigned to your submitted entry and will be shown on your Entry table. This code is your Entry ID.

• Your submission status (On process / Rejected / Approved) will be shown in your entry table. “On process” means the entry is under review for eligibility. The status will change to either “Approved” or “Rejected”. While “Approved” means the entry is eligible for participation in the competition, “Rejected” means that the entry has not been accepted for participating due to incomplete or insufficient submitted documents, irrelevant submitted category, marks of identification on the boards or other non-compliance with competition rules.
B-3: What are Entry documents for the award?

•  Fill out the online form to give us the project information and description and Upload required materials as indicated below:

• Two A3 entry board designs in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format and landscape lay out.
• 1 x high resolution picture of the lead architect(s).

Entry board artwork must include:

• A minimum of 5 photographs of the project (Exterior/Interior/Details/Landscape…) in either colour or black and white

• Unless the entry category is Future Project/Innovative Design, these photographs cannot be 3D visualizations.

• A minimum of 3 architectural documents (site plan/ floor plans/ key sections..).

• A maximum 120 word description in English: A short explanatory text describing the project and how the practice addresses the judging criteria (The same description that has been inserted in the project description box).
• Entry boards artwork must be sized for A3 boards in landscape lay out .

• All texts should be in English.

• To ensure anonymity in judging, no names of entrants or collaborating parties or any other form of identification may appear on any part of the board artwork.
• Both entry boards should include: project title, project location, category, and the completion date properly declared. For a future project/innovative design entry, instead of completion date, design year(s) should be indicated.

• Maximum upload of 8MB for two boards.
• The resolution of two boards and all images inside should not be less than screen resolution.

• Notes:
In case of any identification mark on any of two entry boards, the entry will be rejected.
• Please ensure that you are authorized to use all images.

• Please ensure that the category indicated in your board is the same as the one you have chosen in the on-line submission form.

• The information submitted in your online entry may be used on both award website and 2A magazine website.

•Submission of an entry will be taken to imply the granting of permission to publish all material and particulars of the successful schemes, including any jury citation.

• Please don’t write the names and addresses of private residential clients.

• Personal information submitted in entrants’ 2ACAA account will not be published.

B-4: Can I submit my project to different categories?
No. Projects can be submitted only under one relevant category.

B-5: Can I submit more than one project in a category?
Sure. There is no limit to the number of submissions.

B-6: What will happen if I submit my project in the unrelated category?
Your submission will be registered in the certain category [by organizing committee].
B-7: I can not choose my project’s related category. what should I do?
Simply contact us. We will assist you in this regard.

C. The Award Ceremony

C-1: What is the Award Ceremony?
• Category winners will be publicly announced in October 18th, 2019 Madrid, Spain.
• At the same day of the event, all candidate project entry boards will be displayed in the university in Madrid, Spain.

C-2: Who can attend?

• The event is open to all building and construction related professionals and academics, all associated bodies as well as all students.

Press Registration:

• All journalists and press members representing their media outlets, are welcome to attend the event free of charge as long as they satisfy the terms of our press policy.(It needs to register before the event)

Press Policy:
Press Pass at the event is restricted to publishers, editors, journalists, photographers, broadcasters and web bloggers associated with the event subject area. Members of all these media interested in requesting a press pass might be required to complete an application form and produce accreditation in the form of a photocopy of a recognized press identification, a letter from the editor or an official web address linking to a press release in order to verify their position. For media interested in requesting a press pass, Please email your inquiry to: Please indicate your email subject as: Press Pass inquiry. Once we receive your email, please allow up to two weeks for an email indicating specific instructions for registering.

D. Winning entries and prizes

D. What are the prizes of the awards?

• The top two winners in each Award category will receive Gold and Silver medals and the award certificate, respectively.
• First winners of an categories will receive the sign of the award.
• Upon Jury’s approving decision there might also announce the third winner in each category.
• The third winner will receive certificates of recognition.
• All the candidate projects will receive a certificate via email, representing that their project has been nominated.
• All the candidate projects will be published in a special edition of 2A Magazine and extra pages will be allocated to the winners and special mentions.
• Clients, developers and investors of the winner projects will receive a Letter of Appreciation. (If winners request in this regard)
E. Interaction Forum
E-1.What is Interaction Forum?
2A Magazine Interaction Forum is an event, which will take place alongside the award ceremony of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards on October 18th 2019. “Interaction Forum” is a social and professional platform for sharing and discussing ideas about “ Innovative Contextual Design.” We are inviting all the participants of 2ACAA, architecture professionals and enthusiasts to share their lectures with us, if approved they will be given a speech time at this event to talk about their vision, ideas and experiences relating to architecture in Asia and Europe. Please send us your points and ideas to
E-2. How can I deliver a speech in this event?
Please email us with the text of your speech and a brief personal biography. We will contact you shortly when we receive your email in this regard.

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