Essence of 2A Continental Architectural Awards: Need of the hour

The Essence of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards are a class of awards conceptualized with the purpose of recognizing and honoring the significant contributions of an organization or that of an individual to the Architecture world. This gathering is meant to be a scintillating manifestation of the diverse cultures, themes, identities, ideas and experiences connected to the world of architecture.  It is a platform created with the purpose of sharing, exploring, and discussing the practice and theory of architecture proficiently. It focuses on the accomplishments in the Architectural world and fascinating new encounters in the Architectural arena.

The 2A Magazine has organized the 2A Continental Architectural Awards. The man behind these prestigious awards is Ahmad Zohadi, the editor in chief and CEO of the 2A Magazine. He is also the chief editor and founder of the Persian quarterly magazine “Architecture & Construction” distributed in Iran.

The first ever 2A Continental Awards were held in 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. “The Emergence of Contemporary Architecture in Asia” was the theme. The jury members comprised of some eminent names from the architecture industry such as Yavuz Selim Sepin, Romi Khosla, Seung H-Sang and Sinan Mert Sener. The most recent 2A Continental Awards were held in October 2018 at the Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia in Barcelona and its theme was “Innovative Contextual Architecture in Asia and Europe.” Some of the celebrated jury members included Ali Basbous, Willy Müller, Abbas Gharib, Yoko Okuyama and Carme Pinós. Every year an architecturally significant city of the world is chosen to host the 2A Continental Awards such as Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin, and most recently Barcelona.

The 2A Continental Awards are presented under eight prominent categories namely -Future Projects/Innovative Designs; Interior Architecture; Rural Projects, Urban Projects, Landscapes & Public Spaces (including squares and streets);Commercial (Office & Business, Retail & Wholesale, Production); Public (Sport &Leisure, Education, Mixed Use, Health, Hospitability; Residential; Old and New (Regeneration, Restoration, Renovation, Reuse and adaptation);Religion, Civic Transportation, and Community based projects.

Some significant criteria including cultural identity; environmental sustainability; technical advancement; design achievement; innovative utilization of material; contextual analysis and studies; urban connectivity and social responsibility are thoroughly considered to grant awards judiciously.

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards strives to show architecture enthusiasts all around the world new ways of looking at art and architecture. It aims at architecture enrichment through the incorporation of nonphysical aspects into physical designs. It acts as a communication bridge between western and eastern architects facilitating sharing of worthy architectural ideas, creativity, and innovations that shall make a substantial architectural impact globally.

It is focused to encourage architects all across the globe to be more attentive towards the regional and cultural needs of the continents or geographies. At the pivotal of 2A Continental Architectural Awards is the goal of identifying the essence of architecture and creating an immaculate future world of Architecture through the sound reflection of the past and implementing advanced technologies, communications, ideologies, and methodologies. It strongly supports and promotes the importance of cultural identities, economic needs and social needs in the different dimensions of architecture. It focuses on unique distinctions instead of global modernization.

The participants of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards experience the chance to explore subjects such as the evolutionary course of architecture in different continents; history of architecture in different countries/regions; Impact of culture, traditions, customs on architecture; the usage of Sustainable methods and innovative technologies in urban architectural planning. It enables the participants to explore the more subtle, social, ethical, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of the architectural arena.

It is an international platform that offers an unrivaled opportunity to benefit from global media coverage; meet and interact directly and personally with a pool of cream professionals from the architecture field; attract new potential clients globally; enhance visibility within the engineering and architectural industry globally, and expand your horizons with enhanced knowledge.

Apart from being a very goal oriented, objective based event it also strives to focus on unity more than the segregations, bring people closer together, and enhance kindness and peace among various ethnic groups all across the globe and amidst different diverse nations. It hopes to achieve a broader humanitarian goal and disseminate the wave of unity peace and friendship worldwide.


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