An introduction of 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South and Central America, North America and Message of Ahmad Zohadi (Director of 2ACAA 2019)

2A Magazine’s activities are not limited to merely publishing architectural contents, or holding awards, the 2A’s activities such as organizing annual architectural award are in fact shaping and creating a new trans-formative trend which would help the art of architecture to flourish and be presented multidimensionally by expanding interactions, and helping architects to expand their horizons to become more creative and professionally aware of multiple aspects of the amazing art and profession of architecture.

2ACAA will be a landmark and turning point allowing practitioners to pause and reflect upon what the continents, as a part of global community have achieved in the field of architecture which is an art and a profession that plays a multi-dimensional role in any society.
Its function and responsibility is not merely to create beautiful living space, it has to reflect and respond the social, cultural, and economical needs and challenges of their society, country, region and continents.
This year 5th 2ACAA holds in Madrid and Polytechnic University of Madrid is Host of the award, The award ceremony and Interaction Forum will be held in October 18th, 2019 at the university.

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