Chu Yang Keng

IX Architects Pte Ltd – (Singapore)


More Than Just A Library

Abstract:More Than Just a Library is a pro bono work conceptualized, designed and implemented by Singapore architecture firm, IX Architects Pte Ltd. We believe in empowering underprivileged communities through education. With our skill set and knowledge in building and construction, we seek to give back to the poorest regions in Cambodia starting from the construction of A Library. The library is low cost, low maintenance, scalable and can be replicable in other communities in the near future. The design of the library is made up of 3 cubes and designed to be flexible and adaptable to encourage different forms of learning. The library is constructed in materials that are sustainable and sourced locally.

The design intent of the library is a learning space designed to inspire the children of rural Cambodia. Nestled quietly on a primary school campus, students can use this library in all kinds of weather. Villagers had a part to play in fabricating the finishes for the library, thereby developing a sense of ownership amongst the overall community. This also celebrates the local handicraft culture.

Despite being in a pure cube form, the library embraces the entire site and complements other school activities. This activity space extends the learning space beyond the conventional classroom. The biggest gift lies in the integration of the library into the campus. The cubes sit on a raised slab that doubles as a function space as well as a performance space.

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