Pantea Eslami

ARSH 4D Studio – (Iran)


Archi[kid]’s Aims and Missions


Archi[kid]’s Aims and Missions: Architecture today is kind of confused moments, and architecture needs is to be linked with other arts, somehow to be inspired by other disciplines. There is an urgency that architecture needs to be inspired by the other arts and disciplines.

Back to our mission, Archi[kid] is an education and learning organization for children, whose aim is to promote creative thinking. The goal of Archi[kid] is to provide a platform to increase the sensitivity of children to their living spaces and surrounded environment in order to enhance their aesthetic vision.

We believe teaching children how to observe and understand the environment will boost their creativity and will prepare them to play an active role as citizens who can create better and sustainable future.
Based on our believes mentioned above, in Archi[kid] our medium is architecture, as it has been a language that we have been using through our career. The question is how to make our own craft as an Archi[curators] in a way to stimulate children’s sensitivity. Architecture is a multidisciplinary practice. However, we don’t want to foster the next generation of architects, but raising a child who can merge different kinds of disciplines together in a creative way is what we look for. As a matter of fact, our medium is architecture since we are architects!

Starting working with kids since our point of departure two years ago, we have been confronting many facts which were originated in shortage of kids’ educational systems. Since then we have been trying to build up Arch[kid] framework and structure in a way to respond to these issues. Encouraging our students to participate in the group conversation, getting familiarize with architectural design process while focusing on creativity and imagination and teamwork aspect of their work, deep observation, project base practices and many more tasks are examples of what we are looking for in Archi[kid].

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