Ahmad Zohadi

2A Magazine- Editor in Chief, CEO, Publisher & Head of Organizing Committee of 2ACAA 2018
Chief Organizer of Interaction Forum of 2ACAA 2018, IACC- Barcelona


2A Magazine has added another event to 2ACAA award ceremony 2018, which is “Interaction Forum”.
This forum is a social and lecture- based platform for sharing and discussing ideas about architecture and the theme of the award is “Innovative Contextual Architecture”.
This Forum clearly illustrate that 2ACAA is an open forum where participants with various and different views, styles and approaches can be chosen as one of the winners of the award.
This shows that 2ACAA is not dogmatic in nature and it is open to all kinds of creative ideas. And having all these architects with various views beside one another will create a unique opportunity for them to interact and as a result create a social professional architectural community.

Note: The following lecturers are some of the candidates of 2ACAA 2018 who present in the interaction forum at IAAC, October 26th, 2018 at 10.0 to 14.0

The abstract of their presentation is published in the guide book of 2ACAA interaction forum 2018.

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