Gokhan Avcioglu

GAD Architecture – (Turkey)


Digital Architecture

Abstract:Digital Architecture today is an indefinite proposition under the influence of a multitude of social and technological realities. While in the 1990s it was possible to speak of computational design as a style, today the role of technology is such a central part of how architects work that we have to widen the conversation for Digital Architecture. Today when we engage a project we take into account technology in the programmatic, formal and material aspects of the design. Digital architecture for GAD is a matter of transforming important aspects of a project into information that we can process through computational techniques. This approach applies especially to the quantitative features of projects where we use the power of computation to derive a number of different models for example in our experiment with QR code for the Media City project. This repetitive use of digital tools can also be seen in our design using software and 3d printed models that allow us to numerous possibilities and their formal and structural opportunities, a method we employed in our Istanbul Technical Library design. This repetitive, iterative process is for us a central feature of Digital Architecture today. This approach combined with a larger understanding of technology as it touches important areas such as transportation, energy, agriculture and smart cities informs our 21st approach to Digital Architecture.

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